Quick Guide
Gateway Membership (Green Badge)

Fully vetted and verified paying member account granting full access to all site services and benefits.

Comfort Settings

A series of settings used to enhance the member’s experience.


Settings that allow for most favored genres and/or categories to be displayed.

Dark/Light Theme Toggle

Allows members to choose their text and screen background presentation.

Last Page Viewed Toggle

Allows members to decide if their last previously-viewed page will default to the first page viewed upon site re-entry.

Standard Membership (White Badge)

Free account providing limited access to the site..

Sleep Account Toggle

Allows members to have their account go fully dormant for a specified amount of time.

Save My Filter Preferences Toggle

Allows members to have their category filter preferences saved from session to session.

2FA Toggle

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to a member’s account.


Display of individual member’s activity/site engagement.

Ghost Mode Toggle

Allows members to be online but take some time for a little privacy and choose when they want to return to public view.

Social (Gateway Members Only)

The interactive hub of the site where members can interplay with other members.


Mutually connected members who have accepted each other’s Friend requests.


Members who are following your profile.


A single line of user-editable text that scrolls continuously across your Social screen.


List of professional associations within your social network.


Members you are a fan of


All members’ actions, interactions and reactions.


The ability to prevent a member from seeing or interacting with you

Social Feed

Space allocated for member posts.


Interactive wall that allows a member to compile and arrange their displays, photos, videos, etc. for member viewing.

Shape Select Button

Showcase function where members can select tile shapes for media by cropping, dropping and dragging, and arrange within the Showcase.

Digital Vault

Location for a member to upload and display their pictures, videos and documents and where past Live Streams are stored.


A member can send or receive a secure private message to other people inside or outside of the DMDb site.

Search Bars

Easy tool to find people, titles, posts, notifications, etc.


Allows the user to browse the site for submissions


Allows for narrowing of the search results.

Options Button

Button that allows for additional functions.

Message Bar

Allows a Member to type and upload posts to the Social Feed.

Calendar Button

Allows members’ scheduling, reminders, and populates scheduled events

Saved Button

Accesses saved posts from the Social Feed.

Live Stream

Real-time broadcast to your personal and/or private audience.

Private Message

A member can send or receive a secure private message to another member that does not gets posted to the Social Feed.


A site or member generated alert.

Watch Party

Invitation extended to a member group to watch a Video or Livestream, a podcast or new release of a game, music video, 
application, etc. together.

Cast A Blast

Ability to schedule and send a Blast Message to other users.


Favorable reaction to a post.

Go Live

Ability to schedule and create a livestream broadcast on the Social Feed.


Respond to a post.


Forward selected submissions to others.


Retain a post to the member’s “Save” file.

Page Right/Left Button

Allows members to scroll backward and forward through Showcase pages.

My Story

Member’s biography.

Social Post

Entries shared on the Gateway Social Field.

Overlay Ad

An advertiser-chosen video or static image that floats over webpage content

Hire Talent

Recruit an influencer as a content creator, spokesperson, or to create an advertisement.

Edit Button

Found on the Gateway page; allows upload or refresh of backskin media.

Live Link

An active text or graphic link on a Web page. Clicking the link redirects the user to another Web page, document, or image

Backskin Ad

An advertiser-chosen image that will reside behind site media.

Rent Button

Found on the Gateway page; allows member to rent their backskin at user-determined price

Verified Member

User whose documents have been submitted to authenticate identity and to obtain a Gateway Membership.


Display of Competitive Ranking of top site performers.


Display of Competitive Ranking of top site performers.


Process of disputing an uneditable entry.

Challenge History

Challenge chronicle.


An identifying mark assigned to a user as a consequence for incorrect or unfair submissions.


Personalized compilations of member-selected titles.


Scores left by members for other members’ submissions


Display of Competitive Ranking of top site performers.


A new entry to database.


Providing additional data to modify an existing submission.


Official verified recognition of digital work.


A member can send or receive a secure private message to other people inside or outside of the DMDb site.


Forward selected submissions to others.


Favorable reaction to a submission.


Unfavorable reaction to a submission.

Digital Media

Any submission that is accepted into DMDb database of digital works.